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2022 Homeschool Charity Cup a success


CONYERS, Ga. — United Home Schoolers (UHS) Soccer Programs hosted and participated in the 2022 Charity Cup at the Rockdale Youth Soccer Association in Conyers on April 8-9. This was the second year UHS has hosted the event.

The UHS varsity girls team won the first place trophy for their division, their junior varsity girls placed second, and the UHS college boys also placed second in their division.

About 3,000 people were in attendance for this year’s Charity Cup. Among those 3,000 were college scouts from places like Georgia Southern, Point University, and Reinhardt University, among others.

But a bigger job was accomplished at this year’s event.

In lieu of a required entrance fee, each attendee was asked to bring a donation to visit four of the local pregnancy centers: Newton Pregnancy Resource Center, Refuge Pregnancy and Resource Center, Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry County, and Walton Pregnancy Resource Center.

In total, here are the final counts of what was given:

– About $3,500

– 16,428 layers

– 686 packets of wipes

– 61 cups

– 30 bottles

– 76 bottles

– 15 bottles of baby lotion

– 20 bottles of tales of Jesus

– Many new blankets, washcloths and clothes

The 2023 Charity Cup will take place from March 31 to April 1, 2023.