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A teacher turns the misnomer “Apple Fried Apple” into a nonprofit


JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – If you know anything about Southern cuisine, you know there’s no shame in hearing the words apple and fried in the same sentence.

But Darian “Dee” Holt had no idea about food when those words popped up in his 6th grade science class about a year ago at Smilow Prep Charter School.

He entered the classroom with his black Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated briefcase.

The students asked him what the Greek letters meant.

“I said Alpha Phi Alpha,” laughed Holt. “And I don’t know if it’s a southern accent or what, but they said, ‘Apple fried apple?’ and I said ‘No, no!’ Holt laughed.

The kids did what kids do best – had fun with it.

“They kept joking with me throughout the year. Every time they saw me, they were like, ‘Hey Mr. Apple Chips!’ Holt smiled. “So I went with it!”

The students even invented their own line names.

“There was applesauce, apple jacks, candy apples. I have shirts. On field day, they had their reveal or probate show. We put it on social media and people fell in love with it.

over a million people to fall in love! And not just anyone, but celebrities like comedian, actor and talk show host Nick Cannon, who flew Holt to New York to share the story.

“Mr. RE!” Cannon said. “I heard you and your class are fans of Wild n’ Out, and you’ve incorporated one of our games into your curriculum,” Cannon asked Holt.

The game is called Family Reunion, where each team roasts the other. The best roast wins.

Holt remixed the game singing “At the to classify meeting, who we feature, who we feature,” he sang in the viral video. “It’s my 6th grade class and they’re looking for attention. Yeah, you’re kidding now, but you’re all gonna get detention.

Nick Cannon presented the second video where a girl in the class replied: “At the class reunion, who we introduce, who we introduce”, sang the student. “That’s my teacher Holt; some ladies think he looks like a snack, but in my opinion, his hairline is too far back!”

“They didn’t come to the hairline, did they!” Canon burst out laughing.

What started as a laughing stock is now a non-profit youth organization where Holt teaches minority students about service, fellowship, fellowship, academic excellence and the importance of scholarships – this that the Greek organizations represent.

And several companies, including Snapple, Motts Applesauce, Dole, Popeyes and others, have contacted Apple Fried Apple, Incorporated, about a possible partnership.

Holt is now writing about the future of the organization and hopes students will see how a few words can reach and impact the world.

“Like, I want them to get into the mindset of going to college and seeing what they can achieve and do in the community. They can reach for the stars and do whatever they want. They change the world,” smiles Holt.

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