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Appeal to Ukraine: what you can do to help Nottingham


Everyone wants to do their part to support those who have been forced to flee their homes due to the invasion. Here’s how you can help. #StandWithUkraine.

In Nottingham, the AUGB (Association of Ukrainians in Britain) Nottingham – manages the effort through partners.

The Facebook group is here

The image below gives clear details on what is needed and where and when to give it.

They do NOT require clothing.

There’s also a GoFundMe page here which stands at £1.8m so far.

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UK government advice below

Financial donations

If you would like to donate money, there are a number of charities that provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

The UK government will match public donations to this pound-for-pound appeal up to £25million.

Donate securely

There are many organizations across the UK and overseas that have appeals, and you may wish to donate through these organizations instead. You can take a few simple steps to ensure your money is safe and used efficiently:

  • Check the charity’s name and registration number using the Charity Registry search tool
  • Most charities with an income of £5,000 or more must be registered, which means they are regulated by the Charity Commission
  • Make sure the charity is genuine before giving financial information
  • If in doubt, ask the charity or organization for more information

Donate essential supplies

One of the best ways to help is to donate money through charities and trusted aid organizations, rather than donating goods. Money can be transferred quickly to areas where it is needed and individuals and aid organizations can use it to buy what they need most. Unsolicited donations of goods, although well-intentioned, can hamper supply chains and delay the delivery of more urgent life-saving assistance.

Organizations across the UK are bringing together essential supplies, such as clothing, first aid and sanitary products. Many charities and community groups will have lists of items they need.

Charities with experience in disaster response are best placed to reach victims on the ground.

The government will launch a new sponsorship program to ensure that Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes have a safe path.

The program will connect people, charities, businesses and community groups with Ukrainians who do not have family ties to the UK.

Program details and how you can apply will be released soon by the Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities.

The UK government, Ukrainian government and others shared messages of support on social media using the hashtag #StandForUkraine

Be careful what you share! There is a lot of misinformation about the conflict circulating online – this is often referred to as misinformation and disinformation. You can do your part to stop the spread:

  • Ask yourself – does this feel right to you? Does that seem fair to you? Is this information from a source that I recognize?
  • The SHARE checklist can help you decide whether information can be trusted, before interacting with or sharing it on your social networks.

cyber security

The National Cyber ​​Security Center is not aware of any UK-specific cyber threats in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, we strongly encourage organizations and citizens to follow the NCSC’s advice on what to do when the cyber threat is heightened. Visit the Cyber ​​Aware website where you will find practical steps and tools to help you, your family or your business be safer online.