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Big Payback Event Raises Nearly $4 Million for Nonprofits


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – May 2022 marked the ninth year for the nonprofit giving initiative, The Big Payback’s 24-hour online giving event, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. (CFMT). The event ended Thursday night with donors contributing nearly $4 million for participating area nonprofits.

About 1,000 Middle Tennessee nonprofits — including schools and religious institutions — from 36 counties signed up for the 2022 initiative. This year, 79 organizations participated for the first time.

Donors were able to research and select organizations based on their mission, location and focus area. Gifts of any size were accepted after a minimum of $10.

Donation categories included animal welfare, arts and culture, community betterment, education, health, housing and shelter, social services, environment, and youth development.

“Kindness and generosity are two words that come to mind when I reflect on the past 24 hours,” said Michael McDaniel, CFMT Senior Nonprofit Liaison and The Big Payback 2022 Coordinator. of participating nonprofits and those they serve, we are grateful to donors for making a vital investment in all participating nonprofits that serve the many needs of our communities. Good things happen as a result.

Public donations to non-profits have been boosted by additional financial prizes from sponsors of The Big Payback.

The total contribution of $4 million came from nearly 26,000 total donations, including funds raised and total prizes, except for two post-event prizes: most improved and most creative.

There were over 6,500 new donors, whose donations totaled over $567,000. In a new event, 632 volunteers pledged more than 25,000 hours to participating organizations.

An online leaderboard tracked donations in real time, both online and on digital notice boards throughout the region.

To view a full list of donation totals and 2022 nonprofit recipients, visit The Big Payback website.

Since its inception, The Big Payback has helped hundreds of local nonprofits raise more than $29 million through more than 206,000 cumulative donations.