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Board of visitors summary of actions and discussions


The James Madison University Board of Visitors met on Friday, April 22, 2022 at the Festival Conference and Student Center.

The following is a summary of the actions taken by the board and the main topics discussed at the board meeting:

Approved the minutes of the Board of Visitors meeting of February 18, 2022 and the activity report;

Accepted committee reports from the Academic Excellence, Advancement and Commitment, Athletics, Audit, Governance, Finance and Physical Development, and Student Affairs Committees;

An update on the General Assembly was provided by Caitlyn Read, Director of Government Relations;

Proposed tuition and fees for 2022-23 and proposed budget for 2022-23 were presented by Towana Moore, Acting Vice President of Administration and Finance;

A reaffirmation of the University’s mission statement was presented by Brian Charette, Special Assistant to the President;

An update on racial equity and diversity, equity and inclusion was provided by Deborah Tompkins Johnson;

Tim Miller, Vice President for Student Affairs, led an update on COVID-19;

The Board of Visitors voted to approve the proposed tuition and fees for 2022-23, the proposed summer tuition and fees for 2022-23, and the proposed budget for 2022-23, pending the outcome of the state budget ;

It was voted by the Board of Visitors that the University reaffirm the current mission statement;

The Board of Visitors voted for the next Council Rector to be Maribeth Herod, Vice Rector Chris Falcon and Council Secretary Donna Harper.

President Algiers shared during his Presidential Report:

  • There was a 44% increase in freshman applicants (31,711), 44% being out of state and 33% being underrepresented minorities and a 41% increase in early action applicants ( 18,589);
  • To date, 3,410 Freshman Class of 2026 filings have been received, including 2,446 in-state and 964 out-of-state. Freshman demographics include 19% underrepresented minorities, 13% first-generation, and represent 37 states and 46 countries. There were 344 transfer deposits received;
  • Findings from the campus climate study have been received and will be reviewed by the implementation team to coordinate responses;
  • The College of Arts and Humanities has introduced the next cohort hire that will focus on Latinx studies on campus;
  • Updates on civic engagement were presented at the national Campus Compact conference which included a plenary session with JMU Alum Harry Dunn and the Madison Center for Civic Engagement will now be led by Acting Executive Director David Kirkpatrick;
  • Farah Pandith was Monday’s Madison Vision Series speaker and led a discussion on the importance of combating hate in the world. She also received the 2022 Madison Award for Public Good;
  • JMU participated in a recent summit at the Stanford School, which focuses on promoting innovative thinking in higher education. JMU continues to encourage interdisciplinary programs and initiatives;
  • JMU will receive $620,000 in federal funding for faculty recruitment and retention at the university as part of the fiscal year 2022 federal spending bill. The University also supports a teacher residency program, which is facilitated by the College of Education;
  • The Provost Award for Excellence in Research and Fellowship will be presented to Ailton Coleman, Health Sciences; Kelly Naletelich, Marketing; Maryam Sharifian, Early Elementary and Reading Education; Matt Pardo, theater and dance; Rebecca French, Libraries; Paul Raston, chemistry and biochemistry; Case Watkins, Justice Studies; and Kayla Yurco, integrated sciences;
  • In support of JMU’s transition to R2 status, the inaugural 2022-2023 Fellows were announced: Christopher Berndsen, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Maureen Shanahan, art, design and art history; Matthew Rebhorn, English;
  • The College of Visual and Performing Arts honored the life of former Dean George Sparks with an inspiring tribute featuring student performances;
  • The JMU Brass Band was invited to represent the United States in the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, and is the only American group to be invited.
  • For the third year in a row, JMU has been named one of Fulbright’s Top Producing Institutions for American Scholarships among Master’s Degree-granting Colleges and Universities;
  • JMU’s Supermileage engineering team created a fuel-efficient vehicle that completed the 2.5-mile Indianapolis Speedway and received the DuPont-sponsored safety award;
  • JMU’s Debate Team finished the season ranked 4thand in the country by the Cross Examination Debate Association; and
  • Lacrosse is ranked No. 11 and the Sun Belt transition continues with campus tours and visits to SunBelt offices.