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Council to hear update on CASP consolidation



City managers will hear an update regarding the consolidation of Public Safety Response Points (PSAPs) on Tuesday at the city council meeting.

In 2019, the state legislature passed Bill 660, which replaced the Arkansas Telephone Emergency Services Board with the Arkansas 911 Board, according to a staff report prepared by City Administrator Phillip Patterson on November 30.

The law requires the board to develop a plan by January 2022 to fund a limited number of PSAPs, commonly referred to as state 911 call centers, the report says.

The report states that the number of PSAPs statewide is capped at 77, unless two-thirds of 911 council members vote to authorize additional PSAPs. The report states that more PSAPs are operating in Arkansas’ 75 counties.

The 911 Board hired Federal Engineering to develop a statewide PSAP consolidation plan, the report says. Based on the plan’s recommendations, the 911 Council approved the timelines for consolidating PSAPs and increased the number of publicly funded PSAPs to 79, the report said.

April 1, 2022 is the deadline for any jurisdiction that believes it should be allowed more PSAPs to present their rationale to the 911 Council. All jurisdictions to be consolidated must present their consolidation plan to the board by now. January 1, 2023, and consolidations are due to be completed by January 1, 2025, the report said.

The consolidation report’s recommendations propose that a PSAP be delegated for each of the state’s 75 counties, the report says. The report says there are some additional PSAPs recommended for Benton and Washington counties and two more for Pulaski County.

The report states that Benton County currently has four PSAPs located in Benton County, Bentonville, Rogers and Siloam Springs.

The Consolidation Report recommends that Benton County reduce the number of PSAPs from four to two, but given Benton County’s rapid growth rate, Council 911 may consider three PSAPs for the county, the report says.

If three PSAPs are considered, the original consolidation report recommends listing them as Benton County, Bentonville / Siloam Springs or Rogers / Siloam Springs, the report says.

Since then, the report has been amended not to list recommendations for which PSAPs should be consolidated, instead leaving the decision to the local jurisdictions that manage PSAPs.

The 911 Council has agreed to allow jurisdictions that currently have a PSAP and do not wish to regroup to continue operating them as a 911 call center after January 1, 2023, but without funding from the 911 call center. public security, fees collected by the state and distributed to PSAPs, the report says.

For 2022, the budgeted revenue amount for the Siloam Springs PSAP is $ 240,000, the report says. If the city accepts the consolidation, public funding for local PSAPs will continue until January 1, 2025, the report says.

City directors will also hear and vote on the following:

•. Minutes of the workshop of November 16.

• Minutes of the regular meeting of the municipal council of November 16th.

• Appointments of Katie Rennard and Kevin Williams to the planning committee.

• Appointments of Manny Anchondo, Michael Henry and Holly Wiles to the Parks Advisory Board.

• Agreement between the principal elected officials concerning a district for the development of manpower services.

• Contract for the upgrade of the reservoir pumping station in the amount of $ 127,626 from JCI Industries Inc.

• .Resolution 62-21 re major development permit for 3000 Cheri Whitlock Drive for Springs Church of Christ.

• Resolution 63-21 regarding the 300 North Simon Sager Avenue block for the Tillman Communications Tower.

• Resolution 64-21 regarding the acceptance of a grant from the Transportation Alternatives program of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission (TAP grant of $ 376,000) for the construction of a new road. secondary along North Mount Olive Street.

• Health reinsurance contract with International Assurance of Tennessee.


• Resolution 65-21 concerning a major development permit for a Jiffy Trip project located at 190 AR, highway 59.

• Resolution 66-21 relating to the adoption of the 2022 budget.

• Resolution 67-21 adopting the 2022 compensation plan.

• Resolution 68-21 concerning the modification of article 405 Leave of the employee manual.


• Passing Order 21-23 adapting the programmed annual increases in public service tariffs for 2022-2026 in third reading.

• Place Order 21-24 relating to the neighborhood redistribution plan for second reading.

• Adoption of Ordinance 21-25 concerning the launching of tenders and the use of the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield to enter into a contract to provide a health insurance network and cover for administrative services from the city.

Staff reports

• The review of purchasing regulations continued.

• Administrator’s report.