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Creator of L’Jarius Sneed cleats



KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Three members of the Kansas City Big Brothers Big Sisters organization are recognized for their designs used to create crampons for L’Jarius Sneed chefs.

Sneed will wear the custom and special shoes in the next home game against the Denver Broncos.
This is part of the “My Cause My Crampons” campaign, where the NFL offers athletic shoes to players promoting a movement, charity or organization.

“I really feel honored, amazed and proud of myself to have done this and to have been chosen to do it,” said Sandivel Lomeli-Cano, 17.

FOX4 met up with Grade 4 student Sandivel Lomeli-Cano and Yasmin Hunter, two of the three chosen to create the cleats worn by Sneed on Thursday afternoon.

The individual designs were combined for this final product.

Covered in flames and waves with “hi” on the front and “goodbye” on the back. The message is significant.

“The waves can knock you over, peer pressure on you, suffocate you, all that pressure on you. Once the ocean water has calmed down, you can swim, ”Cano said.

“She told me that day that it represented freedom. It wasn’t just about drawing for her, pushing, also trying to get her out of her shell, ”said Hunter’s mom Erica Rose. “Fourth-graders usually don’t have the opportunity to do something like this. “

Sneed previously partnered with the organization to create the L’Jarius Sneed Dreambuilders Fund, which gives children the opportunity to do things they love without worrying about their finances.

“Kids, that’s the first thing I did it for, you know, just to help them,” Sneed said in a Chiefs video. “I didn’t have this when I was little, so I always wanted to give back to the kids.”

After the game, these special and personalized cleats will be auctioned off.

Money raised will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City.

“This honestly gives us the opportunity to share the need for our program and to share the need for more adults and children to sign up so that we can provide more support across the community,” Marketing Director, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Kansas City, says Kristi Hutchison.

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