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Dream house | architectural achievement of Rose Hall | Way of life



Dare I say, this house is the epitome of a dream life, island style? It is an architectural achievement that is the very embodiment of this weekly series – as it seeks, finds and showcases the remarkable and unforgettable homes that inspire and entertain us.

So where do we find this tribute to a quiet art of living, reinforced by a structure designed to relax its inhabitants? Rose Hall, St James is his place of residence, at an elevation point with a panoramic panoramic view of the sea, bringing calm to the architectural atmosphere.

The 8,000-square-foot three-level, three-bedroom en-suite main house shares the one-acre site with its own separate 2,000-square-foot family cottage on two levels of two-bedroom en-suite bathrooms . The erection of the building was completed last year, after seven years of construction activity.

The main house, with its villa feel, is laid out with a floor plan showing the living room, television, music (with grand piano) and dining sections casually linked together. Its bespoke imported kitchen (with countertop) features shaker-designed gray / blue cabinetry, granite countertops, mosaic tile, backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. One will not fail to notice the carriage harbor at the entrance (with pergola at the top) and the double carport starting from the semi-circular driveway, hiding below street level.

Now it’s time for remarkable finishes: the floors on the ground floor and the walls of the bathroom are distinguished by the travertine tiling (a natural stone resembling marble). In contrast, the floors upstairs are mostly covered with mahoe wood (including all bathrooms). The interior walls are colored in a soft pastel white and the exterior in a whitish / gray shade. The windows are of the louvered type and the connecting roofs are clad in cedar shingles.

Patios and balconies extend from the rooms surrounding and overlooking the infinity pool area, in line with the wet bar and jerk hut (for outdoor cooking).

Ah, the landscaping! Paint the emotional language and scent of a manicured delight, in a picturesque setting.

Who is the accomplished owner of this beyond the ordinary places? He is a Jamaican entrepreneur and real estate investor, loving his home beyond descriptive language.

Next week, another residential spectacle awaits us as we continue to find them wherever they may seek to exist.

Barry Rattray is a designer and builder of dream homes. Email your comments to barry-rattray@hotmail.com and lifestyle@gleanerjm.com.



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