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GO SMART Award 2022 welcomes global smart city solutions and practices to learn, share and compete with each other



TAIPEI, September 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 2022 GO SMART Award (GSA), held by the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), enters its 4e year and will begin to accept proposals from September 13e To November 8e 2021, sincerely welcoming global participation. Here are the 4 categories of evaluation criteria for our panelists: Transversal, Impact, Functionality and Innovation.

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This award aims to highlight the success of teamwork through collaboration, especially for teams that have demonstrated diversity with engaging stakeholders from different fields. We want to spark the interest, desire, trust and determination of collaboration between city operators, solution providers and citizens by highlighting their true stories and recognizing their accomplishments.

Collecting numerous testimonials from around the world since 2019, GSA has already garnered enthusiastic reactions and participation from cities around the world. In the last 3 quarters, more than 120 ongoing projects have been submitted in more than 30 cities (eg. Amsterdam, Da Nang, Gdynia, Moscow, Prague, Taipei, etc.).

For the next term in 2022, GO SMART has the great honor of having renowned and highly competent juries on its jury – Mr. Frans-Anton Vermast, the strategic advisor of Amsterdam Smart City; Dr. Bruno Lanvin, President of the Smart City Observatory of IMD; Ms. Callysta Thony, Head of Smart Cities and Mobility at the Eden Strategy Institute; Sir. Chris Cooke, founder and CEO of SmartCitiesWorld; as well as Dr. Lee lee, general secretary of GO SMART.

They will evaluate the submissions for GSA 2022 with their professional knowledge and provide their valuable feedback to the finalists during the online presentation session, helping the projects achieve greater success.

GO SMART calls on the public and private sectors in cities around the world to share their inspiring stories. GO SMART The award will not only recognize technological applications, but will also recognize projects with the greatest impact on its inhabitants. The winners will be announced on March 23rd, 2022 at GO SMART Day during 2022 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE), which is an internationally renowned smart city event held annually at Taipei, Taiwan.

GSA 2022: https://www.citiesgosmart.org/award/2022/timeline

SOURCE Taipei IT Association



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