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Goa: Local laws will be redundant as Center notifies MPT as MPA | Goa News

PANAJI: The Union Government has formed a new board of principal port authorities for Mormugao Port, a move that would not only rename the classic MPT to MPA (authority), but also make local laws redundant in its jurisdiction. The changes are part of the Major Port Authorities Act 2021, which replaces the Major Port Trusts Act 1963.
The state government had said that this classification would give the port the power to exercise authority over the lands and waters demarcated as a port jurisdiction. The port area overlaps with the state and local city council area. Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Land Use, Chandrakant Kavlekar, had said that areas on the outskirts of the port could come under the “ownership” of the authority, while local state powers , including the power to allocate cabins within the jurisdiction of TPMs, would be lost. .
In June, the BJP state government wrote to the Union Shipping Department, asking it to reconsider the Major Port Authority Bill “in view of state laws and its conflict with the Land Revenue Code and other state laws. The Center, however, brushed off concerns and continued with the transition.
The term of MPT’s old board of directors ceased to exist on January 28, once the new board was formed.
‘Replace name signs in port areas’
Union Ministry Joint Secretary Vikram Singh on January 28 issued a notification constituting the MPA board. The authority’s general administration secretary, TK Hazara Choudhary, on Friday issued an order notifying all departments of the change and requested that associated changes be made.
The Goa Town & Country Planning Act and Regional Plans, Goa Municipalities Act, Goa Panchayat Raj Act, Goa Land Development and Building Construction Regulations, 2010 and Goa Land Revenue Code now become redundant in areas below the boundaries of the Harbor.
As Mormugao is a major seaport, the draft Coastal Zone Management Plan, 2021 specifies that large areas along the seafront and within the saline rivers will now come under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority. The fishing enclave of Vasco-Khariawada, Sao Jacinto Island, Baina Beach and adjacent rocky cliffs and the coast of Velsao-Cansaulim-Arossim fall under port control.
Along with the loss of private property rights, it will also result in a loss of income, Kavlekar said. had prevented hut operators from erecting huts and had demanded that hut owners obtain the required permission from the port authorities and pay the stipulated fees first.
“Take the necessary steps to replace the identification signs affixed in the port areas of the Mormugao Port Trust at the Mormugao Port Authority,” Choudhary said in his directive to the six departments of the MPA.