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Grand Rapids Marching Band: Cadence of Excellence


The Grand Rapids High School Marching Band has been a leader in the world of competitive marching bands for over three decades. They are the only competitive marching band north of the Twin Cities and have won top prizes for many years. The program consists of over one hundred children and is led by Groups Director, Dale Gunderson.

During the 2022 season, the Grand Rapids band performed their field show titled Face it. The ten-minute show featured Disney music and decorated the lot with more than thirty colorful props. During the season, the band won numerous first-place awards in Minnesota and placed eighth out of thirty-six bands at a national meet in Iowa. An additional award was presented to Gunderson upon his induction into the Bands of America Hall of Fame.

In addition to the competitive marching band, Grand Rapids’ music program features a wide array of ensembles, including jazz, symphonic, college, and spring bands.