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Grow Grand Island crosses the 5-year mark | Local news from the Big Island



By Tonja Brown
Grand Island Region Growth Partnership

Community vision efforts in 2015 led to the establishment of Grow Grand Island in October 2016, specifically to facilitate the implementation of the resulting work program, and to continue to look to the future.

GGI’s mission statement reads “To cultivate bold ideas that generate business and quality of life opportunities in the region by planning, partnering and doing”.

The original work program of 32 initiatives was loosely defined, making it difficult to refine each initiative in the first or two years. There were committees, a lot of discussion and ideas.

If the hindsight is 20/20, the initial work program turned out to be too broad. It would also appear that the broad committee structure was great in reinforcing the “why”, but it would take a more focused approach to tackle the specific action plan and all the details, including the financial puzzle.

Tonja Brown

So here we are at the 5 year milestone for Grow Grand Island. The organization is stronger, wiser and more focused. There are 10 projects behind us, eight underway and five on the horizon being explored.

A few major projects currently being explored are an expansion of the Island of Mormon, including connecting trails and internship housing to accommodate the co-op internship program currently underway with Wayne State College. GGI’s priorities and direction come from the executive committee.



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