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Homage Hall opens in Norfolk, honoring local legends



NORFOLK, Virginia – Local artists pay homage to many legends who grew up in 757 and across Virginia.

“It’s bigger than you see. We have these people who have led the way. It can be difficult, but whether you do something small or big, you have to take the first step and then go. from there you learn and grow slowly and you can pave the way for generations to come, ”said Cheria Brickhouse, one of the founders of Homage Hall.

Leading the way is exactly what young founders and creatives hope they can do with the opening of Homage Hall.

It’s a new space inside the Military Circle Mall showcasing the talent of local legends like Pharrell, Sweet Pea Whitaker and Tony Brothers.

“This space is a space where people from all over Virginia and tourists come to discover who we are – the persistence of a people in art, academia, sport, politics, public service, education. “said the Mayor of Norfolk. Kenny Alexandre.

As people explored space, the recent passing of Roger Brown came to the fore.

“We are so disappointed and sad that we were unable to honor Roger Brown, but we made sure he was here today,” said Kimberly Wimbish.

By moving, the founders also wanted the gallery to be educational. All over the space there are QR codes you can scan to learn more about each wall, exhibit, and person.

The inspiration behind the movement is that the younger generation can also know their potential.

“I really want young people to know that you all have a chance to be legendary, like everyone else we have in this space,” said Stefon Penn. “Just hold your head up, keep moving forward, keep your dreams big.”

Hommage will be an environment where people learn, network and get a taste of what black culture has to offer across all sectors – sports, music, theater, cuisine, art and more. It will also serve as a melting pot of talent.

Retired NFL player Don Carey left on Saturday. Touched by the message behind Homage Hall, Tony Brothers, who served as an NBA referee for decades, offered to pay Homage Hall’s first year rent.

Jermesha Williams, Raven Revell, Darryl Penn, Lamontè Mackey, Travis Brickhouse, Cheria Brickhouse, Chenese Brickhouse, Stefon Penn and Ashley Lowe are the founders.

Homage Hall is located inside the Military Circle Mall at 880 North Military Highway.



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