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How to Apply for the Reality Show “Big Brother”


Big brotherthe CBS reality show where people from different backgrounds are isolated in a house and their every move is continuously recorded, first premiered in 2000 and returns for its 24th season on July 6. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a contestant on the show and win the grand prize of $750,000, you’re in luck: the show is still accepting entries for the new season.

The official casting site has an open call for online applications and asks anyone interested in applying to do so through the website instead of waiting for an in-person casting event. “While we are hopeful that in the future we will be able to hold open calls across the country, it is important that each person completes an application online in case this is not possible,” the website says. . “Please check back regularly in case this changes and you may meet a member of our team in person at an event near your hometown.”

So what does it take for online application? First, you must be at least 21 years old and a citizen of the United States. The online form asks for location, appearance and relationship data as well as links to social media accounts. Also prepare a photo and video of yourself – applicants are encouraged to complete the application in one sitting.

Finalists will be required to travel to Los Angeles for a week, and if selected, entrants must be prepared to live in the Big Brother house in Los Angeles for approximately 100 days and live with “a dozen strangers where you will have little or no privacy. .” Politicians or candidates for public office cannot apply unless your candidacy occurs after the initial airing of the show.

The show’s casting director, Jesse Tannenbaum, also recorded a helpful video that outlines his recipe for a successful nomination. Some of his advice includes: submit an actual audition video of yourself speaking directly to the camera (i.e. don’t take the lazy route and reuse an old TikTok video); don’t use filters on your video (Tannenbaum encourages candidates to “be confident in who you are and comfortable in your skin”); and show your personality!

The application guidelines specify that entrants must also be in “excellent” physical health, which will be supported by a medical history form. It goes without saying that contestants must also be in good mental health considering the invasive nature of the show; the casting website explains this with their final mission statement: “Producers are looking for a dynamic group of people who are outspoken, interesting and show enthusiasm for the project, as well as a willingness to share their thoughts. most private ones in an open forum of strangers. This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient physical, psychological and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a supervised home under extraordinary conditions.

Applications are currently open with no deadline, but as the new season airs within a month, submit your applications as soon as possible. Good luck in your quest to become the next HouseGuest!