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By Alexis Rae Baker

Dear readers,

This month has been a very interesting month for me. Angus and I started forming new habits, and it’s curious how immediately we started seeing results. It’s not even the physical changes that surprise me, it’s how the simplest changes can have such a drastic impact on the rest of my day.

For example, we have been listening to inspirational audios in the morning for a few weeks now, but a few days ago we decided to listen while we were walking. In some ways, it’s a kind of “two birds with one stone” deal. It doesn’t sound like a huge change, but I’ve recently become more aware of my own motivations, and I’m amazed that every couple of days I really want to push myself a bit more (walk a bit longer).

I’ve always known that implementing small changes can drastically alter the course of my life, but the reward of implementing is something I often overlook.

It’s easy to put something off until tomorrow. It’s easy to say we’ll start our new habits “next week” or “the first of the month,” but those statements are just excuses. We don’t really want to change, and so we don’t.

Understanding our “why” is a vital step, but it’s not always an easy step. For example, I always wanted to run my own business, but I never really knew where to start. Recently we’ve been given some direction, and it’s amazing how seeing the potential in something can dramatically change your perception.

Now I can see a path in front of me where once I only saw blurs. However, this did not happen overnight; it happened because i met someone who showed me where the way was. But not only that, but they also inspired me to start taking action and helped me figure out what action I need to take.

But, no matter how much inspiration or support I get from them, it’s up to me to put my plans into action. This is my future and my responsibility.

So while we’ve done a good job of taking the time to work on our dreams every day, that doesn’t mean we’ll do it in the future.

We all know that there comes a time when life confuses you. Something will happen that will make us want to skip something “just for the day”. That’s how life works. These are the times when your true character comes out, however, the times when you decide if something really matters to you. Are you going to go ahead and do it anyway, or is it not as important as you thought?

If you want to see a change in your life, prepare for these times. Know that challenges will arise and promise yourself to keep going no matter what.

Angus and I are in the honeymoon phase of our habits, but I know that if we stick with them even when times get tough, we’ll see the ‘promised land’. The same can happen to you too.

Good luck,


Lexis is Alexis Rae Baker. She writes from her home in Olympia. Have a question about life, relationships, spirit? Visit it at lexisrae.com or write to Lexis at Lexis@theJOLTnews.com.