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Judge Says Campbell Man’s Shooting Trial Called Off | News, Sports, Jobs



Tre-Mon Dukes, 23, and defense lawyer Mary Ellen Ditchey stand as Judge Andrew D. Logan enters the courtroom at the end of the trial on Friday afternoon.

WARREN – A Trumbull County jury was sent home Friday afternoon after some 17 hours of deliberation, unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial of a Campbell man facing felony charges related to the October 5, 2020 shooting of a man from Warren.

Despite the case being called off, Tre’Mon Dukes, 23, of Tenney Avenue, still faces two counts of criminal assault and one charge of aggravated theft. Trumbull County Assistant District Attorney Charles Morrow said he would consult with his boss, District Attorney Dennis Watkins, about the next step in the case and whether he would pursue a second trial. Morrow and defense attorney Mary Ellen Ditchey made no further comment.

Common Plea Judge Andrew D. Logan, after reading a charge earlier Friday asking the jury to continue deliberating, returned around 1:30 p.m. to ask if the panel had made progress towards a verdict.

Jury president Autumn Brown told the judge there was a difference of opinion between the jurors and the two sides stood firm.

“We did our best,” Brown said.

Dukes, who remains in custody, is one of two men accused of shooting Jody Hall, 18, outside a house on Charles Avenue NE.

Jurors reviewed the testimony of the victim, Warren’s police officers and two neighbors who heard the gunshots and came to Hall’s aid in the front yard where another man was changing a tire on the car.

Hall testified that Dukes and his co-defendant Mehki Walker got off the bike path, one of the men hitting him with the butt of the gun and both of them shot him and stole money.

Walker is due on October 4 on the same charges as Dukes. Walker, whose case is before Judge Peter J. Kontos, also faces felony charges for a November 2020 incident in which he is accused of shooting law enforcement officers during a chase through the west side of Warren. Meanwhile, Hall was charged earlier this month with aggravated theft and aggravated assault, both with firearm specifications, and one count of receiving stolen property, according to a report from the grand jury. Hall is charged in a shootout in the afternoon of February 11 in the 200 block of Belmont Street NW in Warren, in which a 30-year-old man from West Market Street was shot and wounded in the neck, in the shoulder and arm.


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