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Milwaukee’s 3rd Street Market Hall opens Friday, January 14


Officials hope a grand opening on Friday will fill a large vacancy that has been vacant for decades.

Here’s what you’ll want to eat and see at Milwaukee’s 3rd Street Market Hall.

In the 80’s it was a downtown destination. After four and a half years of planning, 3rd Street Market Hall is poised to emerge from the shell of Milwaukee’s long-gone Grand Avenue Mall.

“It’s about bringing something to downtown Milwaukee – giving people more reason to come and spend the weekends, but also being able to accommodate all the business people in the area and the people who live here.”

Eric Kaye is the general manager of the project. It is estimated that around 4,000 apartments and hotel rooms surround the property, as well as countless offices. Opening Friday with five restaurants, the room will triple its sellers by April.

“We believe in the project. We believe this could be a transformative project.”

Places like Dairyland put Wisconsin comfort on the menu:

“We want this to be the one stop shop. You have a day in Milwaukee, come here and get your burger, your custard, your cheese curds.”

The marketplace will feature vendors like Dawg City, Anytime Arepa, Supernova, and more. The food hall will also feature a 50-seat full-service bar that is sure to become a downtown favorite for employees, residents and visitors.

There is also an entertainment party. Games galore: like shuffleboard, bags and golf.

There are also plenty of unique attractions here, like Photoverse – a selfie station location designed by MIAD students.

“Anyone who comes from this area has a distinct memory of the Grand Avenue mall – so I think when people walk in there they’ll have a lot of memories of what was and what will be,” Kaye said.

That’s why the mall will soon be home to a long-time feature of the Grand Avenue Mall again:

“I can’t reveal all the details but Professor Stein will reappear here and return to his original house, yes!” says Kaye.

A nod to the past… while serving a bright future.

For now, the room will be closed on Mondays, but by the end of next month, it will be open seven days a week. Doors open Friday at 11 a.m.

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