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NFT SHABANGRS Inspired by Photography – A Unique Approach to Space



The NFT space is exploding as more and more industries put their hats in the ring, launching their own projects. Photography is no different.

Photography continues to thrive thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. Today, taking photos is something people use to document their entire lives, not just to take a family snapshot. With the resounding success of the NFT space as a whole, it makes sense that high-quality photos will thrive in a decentralized, digitized, and art-rich world.

The NFT SHABANGRS, created by acclaimed portrait photographer Peter Hurley, are the very first NFT collection focused on photography. This collection from NFT aims to honor millions of photographers around the world. It offers a whole new version of NFTs with its unique perk system.

Peter Hurley realized that photography had to evolve more in the digital space. With the current popularity of the space, Hurley decided that entering the blockchain through NFTs was the best option. The NFT collection is not only supported by Hurley, but also by one of the largest communities of photographers in the world known as the Headshot Crew.

Find out more about the SHABANGRS NFT collection

This unique collection of 10,000 NFTs will launch for Early Access Members from October 20-21, 2021 and come with a host of perks and benefits. Some of the additional utilities attached to NFTs are sweepstakes, offers and citizenship at the virtual city “Shabangrsville”. This citizenship will allow the owners of this NFT to access a vast network of resources of creators and photographers.

Additionally, a percentage of funds generated by NFTs will go to a charity that teaches photography to refugee children. The charity is known as the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay’s Picture My Life program. The remainder of the proceeds from sales of SHABANGRS NFT will be reinvested in the community.

What sets the SHABANGRS NFT collection apart

NFT SHABANGRS are dynamic, because the advantages they offer are exclusive to the holder. These exclusive benefits will no longer be available to other holders once the NFT changes hands. With these exclusive offers, the rarity and value of the SHABANGRS NFT will change. Holders can also keep the benefit that comes with DTV to maintain resale value or use it and enjoy the rewards. The rewards included in the NFT could be life changing.

The perfect time for an NFT drop

The cryptocurrency market is constantly fluctuating, always swinging up and down. While the last few weeks have been favorable for digital assets like Bitcoin, the market is generally quite volatile. With the ever changing prices of crypto, the value of NFTs continues to rise.

The NFT industry is constantly growing and evolving, with innovations always around the corner. With these new eyes and developments within the space, NFTs will continue to receive support from institutional investors. The communities and support that surround these projects will also continue to grow more and more.

The utility of NFTs will become more diverse than ever before, making it a great time to jump into space with an inventive and new NFT that tends to have a niche but dedicated audience.

About the founder

Peter Hurley, the founder of SHABANGRS, is a portrait photographer based in New York and Los Angeles. Hurley is a world renowned portrait photographer, considered an industry leader in his field. He is best known for capturing authentic expressions for his portraits of business leaders and his portraits of actors. Hurley is an official partner of Canon, B&H Photos and many other major brands.

After writing his first book, Headshot, a # 1 bestseller in photography on Amazon, Hurley founded Headshot Crew. Headshot Crew is now the largest network of headshot specialists in the world with 18,668 photographers from 136 countries around the world.


The NFT SHABANGRS are shaping up to be an excellent gateway for photography to gain some representation within the NFT industry. With the support of people like Hurley, who is an industry leader in his respective space, this should get huge.

This set from NFT appears to be the very first collection inspired by photography with life-changing benefits. With the unique approach of having exclusive, single token benefits, these NFTs are a new take on the old formula that will thrill the community and create a dedicated audience.

Keep an eye out for the next step for Peter Hurley and the SHABANGRS team.



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