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Nonprofit aims to help seniors with health problems



BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – Aging Gracefully is the idea behind the mission of the Partners in Care Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides several services to seniors with health problems.

Tommie Cannon, a 92 year old local participant, has been receiving services for three years now.

Tommie laughed and smiled as he spoke of his severe body pain from arthritis and high blood pressure and diabetes. She expressed her sadness at not being able to do many of the things she loved to do. Yet Tommie says that despite all of this, she finds solace in the community with “Partners in Care”.

“I have someone I can call and get help with, so you know that helps a lot. It really changed my life, knowing that someone cares, that someone cares. “

She adds that after paying the rent, doing the groceries and the small bills she has, her retirement money is just not enough.

This is when the organization steps in. They were able to provide her with a new mattress and a new sofa to relieve aches caused by arthritis and provide her with the extra drinks she needs but cannot afford.

Beyond material services, human interaction is priceless.

“When Sandra came to interview me I thought she was the cutest little thing and she got ready to leave and I said I can hug her and she said yes , you could give me a hug because she was so sweet, ”Tommie said.

Sandra is the social worker assigned to Tommie. She’s been working with her for three years.

“I get information, but they often look forward to this visit and start talking about their day, so you definitely bond with them,” Sandra said.

She adds that many seniors participating in the program have families, but want to continue to have that independence of having their own space, so this is where the program comes in to make sure they can live safely. and comfortably in their own home.

For a full list of their services and where to call to apply, check out their website.



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