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Party like you’re infested with Wrackspurts: Central Florida Witches’ Ball taking place in October to benefit charity



CHULUOTA, FLORIDA / The region’s newest fantasy-themed outdoor wedding and event venue, Valhalla Island, in association with
Tea and Tarot Emporium & Events, hosts its first Central Florida Witches Ball in October and hosts Saturday song: a
performance that will take place during the outdoor Halloween festival, inspired by witches. The celebration is a hybrid of the party
atmosphere of a traditional witches’ ball with a DJ, dancing and guests invited to attend in costume, coupled with a ‘rebirth’
do ‘structure that also brings performers, vendors, food, drink and a variety of immersive entertainment to the evening.

Saturday song will be an energetic and entertaining take on the witch world hosting the 2021 Central Florida Witches Ball,
as they welcome their new Coven initiates across the country. It will be a night to test the abilities of these apprentices, and to
celebrating their induction into the Conclave… but… there are murmurs of great and evil darkness brewing in the shadows. Will be the
Does the Conclave circle remain unbroken? Will the recruits survive the challenges they face in their race to join this secret society of witches?
Or will Mr. Saturday, the Hoodoo Shadow Man, have the final say?

Saturday song will use professional actors from the Central Florida area, fun characters, songs, dances, aerial acts, magic and more,
because it details the backstory of the event and the mystical inhabitants of the festival. The production will be presented in three acts
during the evening, with other entertainment between acts including a Dark Fae Forest walking trail, a
Fortune Teller’s Trail with Psychic Readers and Henna Artists, the Supernatural Vendor Bazaar, Bonfire, Heavy Aperitifs served until
11pm, rotating drink specials and, of course, a DJ spinning party tunes.

This unique outdoor witches ball is proud to benefit and partner with an amazing charity, Transfiguring Adoption. Transfiguration
Adoption helps create ways for parents to engage with children in their care and start conversations about difficult situations through the media.
and play. Books, movies, songs, and other media are a great way for people to relate to each other and understand each other’s feelings.

Some of our online tools:

[Online Workshops] designed to empower foster and adoptive parents
[Book Lists] with books for children and adults with reviews and discussion guides
• Easy to search [Movie Lists] and video game lists with reviews and discussion guides
• a children’s book [Discussion Guides] (with book reviews)
[Kids’ Discussion Guide using the Harry Potter Series]
[Books] written to help foster and adoptive families
[Advice from a Foster/Adoptive Mom]
• Overview of [Adult Adoptees & Current and Former Foster Youth]

Tea and Tarot Emporium & Events specializes in producing immersive, fantasy-themed events that benefit local charities, while also producing spiritual retail merchandise.

Valhalla Island is a new private 7-acre outdoor themed entertainment and event venue on Pickett Lake in Chuluota, Florida.

This year the Central Florida Witches Ball and Theatrical Performance will take place only one night October 16, 2021. The evening begins at 8 p.m. with Act I of the show from 9 p.m. The event ends at 2 a.m.

Keep in mind that the event is held outdoors, so attendees should wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for the Florida weather.

• WHO: Isle of Valhalla, in association with Tea and Tarot Emporium & Events
• WHAT: Central Florida Witches Ball
• WHEN: Saturday October 16, 2021. 8 pm – 2 am.
• O: Island of Valhalla
3006 DIY Point
Chuluota, Florida 32766
• WHY: entertain and help Transfiguration of adoption charity


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