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Susquehanna celebrates renovation of Isaacs auditorium – Susquehanna University



07 October 2021

The Isaacs auditorium has had a makeover.

Originally used as a dining room, the Isaacs Auditorium at Seibert Hall was the first large gathering space on the Susquehanna campus. As the university’s oldest auditorium, the space has been used for over 100 years for musical and theatrical performances, church services, lectures, and special events. Today, it is mainly used for conferences and gatherings on campus.

The renovations have preserved the architectural integrity of the auditorium and include improved lighting and sound technology, a renovated stage, new flooring and new seating. It was last renovated in 1985.

To mark the reopening of Isaacs and celebrate its rich history, a special recital was presented by members of the Susquehanna Faculty of Music at a dedication ceremony.

“Isaacs hasn’t been used much as a recital space over the past 20 years, so we’re excited to be back to using this truly beautiful and intimate space again,” said David Steinau, department head and associate professor of music. “With the renovation and donation of a Steinway grand piano, there is so much we can do here.”

In addition to music recitals, the renovations provide new opportunities for theater and creative writing performances.

The Bramer Piano, a Steinway piano that will be permanently installed at Isaacs and used for student, faculty and guest recitals, was also dedicated that evening. The piano was a gift made by Becky Bramer ’92, Assistant Vice President for Advancement at Susquehanna, in loving memory of her father, James Robert Bramer ’64, and her brother, Mark Andrew Bramer.

“Susquehanna will always be a part of our family history,” said Bramer. “We are proud to have been members of the University’s music community for over 50 years, and my father, mother, brother, son and I have each had the honor of making music in its beautiful performance spaces, including the Isaacs Auditorium.

“My classmates and friends remember my father for playing piano by ear for fraternities and in dorm rooms, and I hope this piano brings the same joy to future generations of wonderful Susquehannans.

The renovation of Isaacs was made possible through support from The George I. Alden Trust, Peter J. Arduini ’86, Barry ’68 and Denise ’68 Jackson and John R. Strangfeld ’75.



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