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Tessa Thompson explains what sets Thor apart from the MCU


Whereas appearing on “Hot Ones” and consuming increasingly spicy wings, Tessa Thompson was asked what it was like working with Taika Watiti, given her reputation for having a childlike sense of wonder. “I think that’s a big part of it,” she said. “Also, when we made ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, the idea was to destroy all the previous ‘Thor’ films. Not in terms of success, just to love, break all the tropes and tone, and do something completely different.”

She continued, “This next installment has been interesting because it kind of tries to recapture the magic, but I think it’s able to hold a lot of different tonal pockets at once.” She then posed a rhetorical question that wondered if a movie could be silly and irreverent, yet heartfelt. Thompson then added that a lot of music was played on set, which tends to help focus the cast and crew of “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

With those comments in mind, it seems that the mechanism that makes these new “Thor” films slightly different from their predecessors is Watiti’s overall demeanor and ability to balance several different tones at once. Not only that, but when the director’s mission statement is to deconstruct all of the “Thor” films that have come before it, the films, by their very nature, are unique. Either way, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are priced slightly differently than other Marvel properties, much to the delight of ‘Thor’ and Watiti fans.