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The Wachowskis Off-Matrix Auction, Sense8 Accessories to Benefit Trans Youth


Trans people across the world need our support more than ever right now, with a treadmill of hate – whether within the political establishment or otherwise – both at home and abroad. In the United States, we have a wide range of anti-LGBTQ+ laws pushed by the right; in the UK, watch one Harry Potter the author’s campaign of contempt against the trans population, or the government’s reluctance to ban trans conversion therapy in line with that of sexual minorities.

Lily and Lana Wachowskithe esteemed sibling duo behind films and series like The matrix, Sense8and cloud atlas, are doing their part to help put money into the hands of organizations protecting the lives of trans youth. An ongoing auction, dubbed “Enter the Matrix: The Wachowski Collection,” gives you the chance to buy a slew of rarefied treats, gems, and trinkets from some of the pair’s most popular productions, including all their aforementioned greatest hits. . Listen, this isn’t going to turn the political tide, but hey: why don’t you both contribute to a great cause and grab some cool movie stuff?

In a tweetedited here for clarity, Lily Wachowski said:

“Hey you! So me and Lana did some spring cleaning at our The Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse and have happily decided to pass on some of the best treasures we haveen collect over the years! No Ark of the Alliances, but rather major and magical artifacts! […] Also many very reasonable items for a variety of budgets! Everything must go!”

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As Wachowski further notes, the specific fund the auction money will go to is the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund, found here. Here is their mission statement, collected from the fund’s website:

“Right now, there are hundreds of bills pending in state legislatures across the United States that target trans youth and seek to restrict their rights. The impact of fighting these bills and anti-trans policies are felt year-round by trans people, their families, and Please join me in donating to this fundraiser that will provide critical funds to organizations providing direct services to trans youth and advocating the rights of trans youth in states currently targeted by anti-trans policies, moving towards trans-week.com.”

The site also includes a more complete list of the actual destination of the money, the Black Trans Rights Coalitionwhich seeks to address “the inequalities faced by the black transgender community,” localized projects like the Tennessee Equality Projectwhich offers “educational and organizing programs to advance LGBTQ+ rights in Tennessee.”

Auction is available heremail-order bids now being accepted before the live auction begins May 12 to 11 a.m. EST. Of course, you don’t need to take anything from the auction to financially support the fund, which is currently accepting donations.

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