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Toss the Boss: Unique island fundraiser sends bosses bungee jumping for charity


NANAIMO – If you’ve always wanted to throw your boss over the edge and get away with it, now you’ll have the opportunity to do so with a new fundraiser for the Victoria and Nanaimo Brain Injury Societies.

The two companies are teaming up with Wildplay Elements Parks for a fundraiser called Toss The Boss.

They are calling on local and corporate businesses to nominate their boss to bungee jump off the 47-meter-high Wildplay Bridge over the Nanaimo River.

Teams need to fundraise at least $ 500 to have the opportunity to see their boss take the plunge.

“It’s a fun and exciting way for us to reach new audiences and introduce them to our organization,” Pam Prewett, Executive Director of the Victoria Brain Injury Society said in a statement.

“And for any boss who refuses to bungee jumping, the company will be forced to double his donation, and the boss can choose a teammate to take his place!” she said.

Victoria and Nanaimo Brain Injury Societies are non-profit, charitable organizations and rely heavily on the local community for their support.

Each year, 22,000 new cases of brain damage are reported in the province, according to the companies.

“Brain damage is known as the silent epidemic,” said Kix Citton, executive director of the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society. “Resources, services and research are desperately needed to support brain injury survivors. “

Any company looking to register a team and appoint their boss can apply here.

The event will take place on Friday October 1.


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