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Tunisia: the Council of Ministers approves the draft presidential decree on the competence of clerks


Tunis / Tunisia – The Council of Ministers, Thursday, approved a presidential decree amending and supplementing the government decree n ° 2018-420 of May 7, 2018, relating to the attributions of the registries and the conditions of attribution and withdrawal of the specific prerogatives.

The Council of Ministers, held at the Palace of Carthage and chaired by the President of the Republic Kais Saied, was informed of the health situation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic and on the supply of the market with basic products and the control of price.

In his opening address, the President congratulated the Tunisians on the new administrative year. He stressed the importance of working for a better future that breaks with the difficult years that the country has known.

Quoted in the presidency statement, Saied reaffirmed the commitment to fundamental national principles. He insisted on the need to continue to work with determination to deny the defamatory allegations, to counter the attempts to undermine the State and to take the measures expected by the “sovereign” Tunisians.

On another level, the President of the Republic noted that the law on the Superior Council of the Magistrature (CSM) is the result of the intrusion of non-specialized parties and the pressure exerted by certain groups.

The country needs fair justice, he added, calling on honest judges to rid the country of its evils.

The President of the Republic also underlined the need to review the administrative organization of the courts to avoid the shortcomings noted in certain courts.

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