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World War II veteran expulsion case in higher court



GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – A deportation hearing against a Grand Island veteran has been dismissed, but can be argued in higher court.

Earlier this month, Hall County Judge Art Wetzel dismissed Regency Retirement’s lawsuit against Jack Wilson at the request of the nursing home. But on September 13, Regency filed a new lawsuit against Wilson in Hall County District Court. In his district court lawsuit, Regency demands that Wilson’s lease be terminated and that he pay three months’ rent and court costs.

The initial lawsuit was filed in December of last year. The reason for the eviction is unclear. Neither Regency nor Wilson shared information about the nature of the dispute. The eviction and associated legal proceedings have been repeatedly delayed in part due to federal orders banning evictions during the pandemic.

Wilson’s case drew lots of attention in the Grand Island community.

Hall County Veterans Duty Officer Don Shuda is just one of many veterans who are supporting Wilson in this battle.

“Jack deserves better than this,” said Shuda. “He served this country and now all he wants to do is live in peace.”

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